Mike Allen Advantage for Custom Homes in Rochester, MN

Why Mike Allen Homes in Rochester MN is your first choice in custom home building.

Mike Allen's career in the construction business began as an employee for Zetah Construction in Bemidji, MN, where he worked in remodeling, commercial construction, and new construction. After that, he opened his own business. After being self-employed for 12 years, Mike believes the best way to build a business is to exceed his customer's expectations by providing superior products and customer service.

The building team at Mike Allen Homes, LLC, has over 25 years of carpentry and building experience. Mike's goal is to build quality homes that everyone deserves at any price point. Mike's building philosophy is making it yours. In other words, he believes in building something personal, even if it's just the one piece that will make the home unique for you. His personal designs will help you pull it all together. In addition, Mike Allen Homes has many blueprints on file that you can customize to make your home a truly individual creation.

A builder is nothing without a good reputation. That's why Mike has compiled a team of professionals who offer service after the sale, meticulous attention to detail, and follow only the most rigid construction standards. Because of their reputation for quality built homes, Mike Allen Homes, LLC, has been recognized as member of the Rochester Area Builder, Inc. and the Builders Association of Minnesota.

In addition, they have won:

- The Builders Association of Minnesota Rising Star Award in 2010
- The Fall show case of homes in 2009

PHIUS Certified Home

Mike Allen Homebuilders is a Certified Passive House Builder (CPHB). That means your new home will be highly energy efficient and comfortable to live in. Taking into account the seasons, heat emissions within the home, and even aspects like sunlight exposure, we’ll maximize the energy efficiency of your home using a variety of science-based design decisions. You’ll benefit from excellent indoor air quality, year-round comfort, and a cheaper power bill. If you’re thinking about renewable energy—whether now or down the line—passive building principles will go a long way toward making your home a net-zero or net-positive building. Connect with us if you’d like to learn more about how passive building principles can make a difference in your new home.

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